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Hello everyone! You probably saw this tweet and was rightfully confused.. Let me explain. I had a massive problem with this website from the start: I always needed to manually edit HTML source code to add programs and stuff in my website. I thought it wouldn’t be an issue, but it always made me kind of mad. This changed when I needed something special to do for 200 subscribers on YouTube.. I wanted to create, which would be a basic blog. The first idea was to code it manually using NodeJS, but it would take way too much time. This was the moment I saw WordPress, an old blogging platform made in PHP. I never considered using it anywhere, but after seeing how easy it was to create a custom theme from scratch I went for it. After about a month, I converted a complete redesign of my previous Windows 98-like design to a fully flexible WordPress theme, and after finding out how simple it was, I made it my primary website! For this I used the following resources:

The part you’re actually waiting for, what will change? Well, I will be uploading links to any malware/software I review on my channel here. Also expect more posts here, as it is requires less effort and time to write stuff inside an admin page rather than writting HTML code. Many people will want me to release this theme publicly, and this is my answer: No, I won’t. The simple reason is because the only thing making my website special, is my design.If you want similar results go check out 98.css.
Edit: Subdomain is up again!

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