1 year anniversary

First words

First of all, I want to thank y'all for the support. Our community is growing with insane rates. 300 subscribers on YouTube, increasing ammounts of views and about 3.000 clicks on my website per day! That's pretty awesome and it confirms we're slowly getting there.

Updates to the website

Some time back, I transitioned this website to WordPress mainly for more simplicity in the whole updating process. Many of you reported slow loading times (up to 8 seconds), so I had to take action. The whole website has been re-written to plain HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. WordPress was convenient, but it hurted the site's performance by a massive ammount.

To fix the difficulty of updating the website, I have implemented a git server which I can easily submit code which will be uploaded almost instantly. Of course a site update could not happen without any new features. The following are the most important:

  • New control panel popup with the ability to change the taskbar position
  • 13 random blurred backgrounds
  • Text besides icons on the taskbar
  • Less padding between software text

Updates to my channel

  • Longer videos
  • I'm commiting to a more consistant upload schedule

Reason for my inactivity

The last month was tough. I got brutally murdered by school exams which counted towards like 70% of our final grade. The whole thing was stressing me out and I wasn't motivated to create videos. The only thing I did was publish cavOS (Cave-Like Operating System). It was generally a hard period.

With the easter vaccation coming, I will hopefully have more time to spend and maybe start daily uploading for a week or so. With all of that said, I wish you a happy rest of your day <3

Control Panel
Taskbar position: