General Info
Greetings! My name's Panagiotis, otherwise known as MalwarePad. I am a Greek student who likes everything related to computers. I'm severely engaged in anything that evolves around them. I am a professional, fully self-taught fullstack developer (with 7+ years of experience), digital designer, video editor, image editor and do much more stuff!
Personal projects
The projects below are personal projects meaning that I've done them all by myself. This shows just how much of my life I've wasted staring at a 16:9 array of pixels :")
MalwarePad's website
The website you are looking at right now!
MalwarePad's file directory
The mirror.
A basic, Operating System written in C called cavOS, formally "Cave-Like Operating System". Read the README for more.
A quick demonstration of how malware quickly renders your computer unbootable. (MBR overwrite)
Actual real-world ransomware coded in WinAPI C++ with the help of the Cryptography API made to encrypt a whole Windows installation
MongoDB S3 backupper
Tool to automate dumping, archiving, encrypting and uploading a MongoDB NoSQL database to any S3 compliant bucket.
Chrome new-tab knockoff bypassing the 10 shortcut limit. (mostly to prove knowing Prisma ORM)
YouAreAnIdiot in HTML
YouAreAnIdiot virus recreation from Adobe Flash to HTML. Malware preservation is extremely important :)
  • Format: The categories and sub-categories are mostly self-explanatory. The year inside then brackets is the year I began using x technology on production. That means I was already comfortable enough using it!
  • Video production:
    • Editing (Resolve & Premiere Pro) [2014]
    • 5 YouTube channels [2014]
  • Digital image work:
    • Photoshop [2017]
  • Web development
    • Languages:
      • TypeScript [2022]
      • Javascript [2022]
    • Frontend & Backend:
      • NextJS [2022]
      • Astro [2023]
    • Frontend:
      • Static pages (HTML, CSS, JS) [2016]
      • ReactJS [2021]
      • TailwindCSS [2023]
      • MaterialUI [2023]
    • Backend:
      • NodeJS [2018]
      • *SLQ (basics) [2019]
      • MongoDB [2022]
  • C programming:
    • Generic C [2019]
    • Kernel development [2020]
    • C++ [2021]
    • Competitive programming [2021]
  • Windows:
    • Malware researching/analyzing [2018]
    • WinAPI [2021]
    • Reverse engineering basics [2023]
  • Linux:
    • Sysadmin work [2017]
    • Shell scripting [2017]
    • Docker & Docker compose [2023]
    • Ansible playbooks [2023]
  • Miscellaneous libraries:
    • DiscordJS [late 2020]
    • ChartJS [2023]
    • Prisma [2023]
Channel Info
About my channel.. I wanted to start a YouTube channel covering the things I trully like for a long time. I have gained some experience from several channels I had run before. I won’t talk about my first one, but the second one had.. Let’s just say questionable content. I really didn’t enjoy making or watching that kind of content. Anyway that was the past, now I think my content deserves a watch.
  • 100K Subscribers on YouTube
  • Not be ashamed of myself (hard)
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A MASSIVE thanks
Thanks for all the support. Even though we're not quite there yet, we're growing with increasing rates. Wish y'all an amazing rest of your day