General Info
Hello! I am MalwarePad, a Greek student who likes everything related to computers. I'm severely engaged in anything that evolves around them. I am an professional fullstack developer (+ years of experience), digital designer, video editor, image editor and do much more stuff! (including but not limited to art)
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ShareX screenshot and bio hosting service.
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  • Video production:
    • Editing [2014- ]
    • 5 YouTube channels [2014- ]
  • Digital image work:
    • Photoshop [2017 - ]
    • Illustrator [2021 - ]
  • Web development:
    • Static pages (HTML, CSS, JS) [2016 - ]
    • ReactJS [2021 - ]
    • NextJS [2022 - ]
    • TypeScript [2022 - ]
  • Backend development:
    • Fullstack solutions [2018 - ]
    • NodeJS [2018 - ]
  • C programming:
    • Generic [2019 - ]
    • Kernel development [2020 - ]
    • Competitive programming [2021 - ]
  • Windows:
    • Malware researching/analyzing [2018 - ]
    • WinAPI [2021 - ]
  • Linux:
    • Sysadmin work [2017 - ]
    • Shell scripting [2017 - ]
  • Miscellaneous:
    • DiscordJS [late 2020 - ]
Despite the look that assembles an image of a vastly unknown person (which I am not), I value my time and will refuse to participate in any project/group that doesn't do so. If anyone wants my participation, they will have to explain to me how their idea/target implementation is worth my immersive resources, deep knowledge and heavy duty planning. I am extremely clear up front that getting me to work for you is extremely hard to impossible.
Channel Info
About my channel.. I wanted to start a YouTube channel covering the things I trully like for a long time. I have gained some experience from several channels I had run before. I won’t talk about my first one, but the second one had.. Let’s just say questionable content. I really didn’t enjoy making or watching that kind of content. Anyway that was the past, now I think my content deserves a watch.
  • 100K Subscribers on YouTube
  • Complete an operating system without any help
To create content for all of you awesome people, I use the following:
A MASSIVE thanks
Thanks for all the support. Even though we're not quite there yet, we're growing with increasing rates. Wish y'all an amazing rest of your day
Contact me
You can contact me over on [email protected]
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