General Info
Hello! I am Panagiotis Kalos, a Greek student who likes everything related to computers.
Secondary display: Sony SDM-S71R
Simple Operating System
Phone: Xiaomi Redmi 8
My wallpaper collection
  • Owner of 5 YouTube channels [2014- ]
  • C programming [2019- ]
  • Kernel development [2020- ]
  • Web development [2016- ]
  • Fullstack web development [2018- ]
  • Malware researching/analyzing [2018- ]
  • Linux sysadmin [2015- ]
Channel Info
About my channel.. I wanted to start a YouTube channel covering the things I trully like for a long time. I have gained some experience from several channels I had run before. I won’t talk about my first one, but the second one had.. Let’s just say questionable content. I really didn’t enjoy making or watching that kind of content. Anyway that was the past, now I think my content deserves a watch.
  • 100K Subscribers on YouTube
  • Complete an operating system without any help
To create content for all of you awesome people, I use the following:
A MASSIVE thanks
Thanks for all the support. Even though we're not quite there yet, we're growing with increasing rates. Wish y'all an amazing rest of your day
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You can contact me over on [email protected]
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